Draft Beer Faucet Body Gasket ( for all faucets except perlicks)

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The bad news: beer faucet parts wear out over time and gaskets are likely the first to go first. The good news: you can replace worn out kegerator parts such as this gasket at a fraction of the price of buying a whole new faucet.

The body gasket creates a seal between the faucet tap body and the beer shank. When the gasket wears out, the seal isn’t tight and beer can start leaking out. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix with a replacement body gasket.

This quality replacement body gasket is made from black rubber and will fit all standard draft beer faucets. Whether you’re repairing or rebuilding an old faucet, this is the part you’ve been looking for.

We recommend that all seals and seats be replaced at the same time. This will limit leaks throughout your draft system.

  • Replacement body gasket draft beer faucet
  • Fix your existing faucet instead of buying a new one
  • Prevents leaks between faucet body and shanks
  • Made of rubber
  • Great for faucet rebuilds and repairs
  • Quick and simple repair
  • Fits standard draft faucets


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