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Local Texas Raw and Unfiltered Honey

Our Texas bees produce honey from all regions of Texas including Greenville, McKinney, Weatherford, Lubbock, Pleasanton, Edinburg, Liberty and Chicota. Moving 14,000 hives to the best nectar flows across Texas produces Kelley Honey Farms more than 2,000,000 pounds of honey per year. Kelley Honey Farms packs a variety of different products, in multiple sizes, under various brand names. We pack Raw and Unfiltered All Natural Honey, Pure Raw Comb Honey, Bee Pollen, and Bulk Honey in a variety of honey flora.

Converting nectar to honey is a science that honeybees have perfected over centuries and we at Kelley’s understand the true delicacy of this liquid gold.

Here at Kelley Honey Farms, we handle our products with care, reflected in the purity that is our all-natural raw and unfiltered American honey. From beehive to bottle to customer, you will taste the pure difference that is Kelley Honey Farms.

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