Seal Kit, Flow Control 650/690 For Perlicks

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If the flow control lever of your Perlick draft beer faucet is not working properly, and all the hardware appears to be intact, then odds are you need to replace some of the internal parts. Pick up this convenient kit to keep your flow control faucet working at optimal performance in a variety of dispensing situations.

Designed for the Perlick 650 and 690 models, this kit comes with rubber seals that attach directly to the faucet tap on one side and the flow control lever on the other. Over time, these soft parts can break down. But instead of spending money on a new draft faucet, you can easily replace these parts for a fraction of the price.

These are genuine Perlick faucet replacement parts, so you can install them in your faucet with full confidence. This kit comes with four high-quality seals. You don’t have to worry about picking out the right product or sizes – this kit comes with exactly what you need.

  • Replacement flow control seal kit
  • Fits Perlick 650 and 690 flow control faucets
  • Replaces the soft parts on the flow control mechanism
  • For repair or routine maintenance
  • Genuine Perlick replacement parts
  • Come with four premium parts
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