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Surah Al Kahf Dan Terjemahan Pdf Download




by: Ampawansa Theklis Added on: 25 February 2018 Filed under: Islam, Quotes , Wisdom TweetThis is the language of the text. It is a decent discussion on the language of the text. — Ayatollah Shirazi The text of the Qur'an was sent down to the Prophet, peace be upon him, by the angel Gabriel in the form of verses, in the Arabic language. The Prophet then translated it into the language of the time (about 1,500 years ago), which we refer to as the "Tajweed" or, in other words, Arabic dialect. He then made that dialect, in order to convey the message to all, more easily comprehensible and understandable by all people. This language we call "Tajweed," and it has many dialects. This, of course, is a good thing. For it has become very easy for all people to understand what the Prophet, peace be upon him, was talking about. Among the many benefits of the Tajweed language is that it has eliminated the misunderstandings that used to occur between some people. Today, for example, when we read the Qur'an, and we say something wrong to our friends, we realize that we are talking nonsense, and the person to whom we are speaking does not understand. We immediately stop talking and come back to what we were actually trying to say. And this situation never happens when reading the Qur'an. The Qur'an has been written in a language that eliminates misunderstandings. One thing is for sure: if the Qur'an does not reach people, it will not be beneficial to them. The Prophet, peace be upon him, could only write about a hundred verses in a day, in the first year of the revelation. This was not a problem for him because he knew that the coming of the Day of Judgement and Doomsday would be imminent. When he completed his daily quota of verses, he had no time to write about worldly matters. He had to go back to what is now the smallest letter of his text. He was more concerned with the coming of the Day of Judgement than anything else. For example, he wrote that the heavens and the earth would be illuminated by the light of the will of God, in his book Al Kafirun (3:53). This was the state of his mind. In addition, Allah (God) commanded the Prophet, peace




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Surah Al Kahf Dan Terjemahan Pdf Download

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