O-Ring for Perlick/PEARL 425,525,575 Series Draft Beer Faucets

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Your Perlick 500 series faucet has served you well over the years. If your faucet is leaking, the fix may be as simple as replacing an inexpensive O-ring.

The replacement O-ring goes on the shaft to create a tight, reliable seal. Over time, the material can break down, which can cause a leak. Once you replace the O-ring, your faucet should be as good as new.

This replacement O-ring is made from high-quality rubber and is designed to work with all now-discontinued Perlick Perl 500 series draft beer faucets. If you have a different model, be sure to order the part designed for your faucet tap.

Parts for discontinued Perlick faucets can be hard to find. Whether you’re repairing or rebuilding your older Perlick faucet, this is the the replacement O-ring part you need.




  • Replacement O-ring for Perlick 500 series
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Inserted on shaft to create a tight seal
  • Fixes leaky draft beer faucet
  • High-quality, hard-to-find replacement part
  • Great for repairs and rebuilds
  • Quick and easy installation
  • More economical than buying new faucet


Perlick® 425 Series Replacement Parts
Fits Discontinued Faucets

  • O-Ring
  • Older, Discontinued Faucets, 425 Series Replacement Part
  • Perl 525 & 575 Series Replacement Part
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