L28 Urkel - Imperial Organic Yeast

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L28 Urkel is a traditional Czechoslovakian lager strain that provides exceptional balance between hops and malt. Slightly sulphery during fermentation, but will clean up nicely during lagering. Ferment toward the higher end of the range for a beer with minimal sulfur notes and a light ester profile.

  • Temp: 52-58°F,11-14°C
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Attenuation: 71-75%
  • Cell Count: 200 Billion
White Labs Equivalent: WLP800
Wyeast Equivalent: WY2001
Usage Instructions:
  • ​Store refrigerated until ready to pitch
  • Shake and kneed pouch to homogenize slurry
  • Sanitize the sealed pouch
  • Open and pitch entire contents into well-aerated wort
Please Note: For best results we Always recommend ordering an Ice Pack with your liquid yeast.
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