Immersion Wort Chiller (5/10 Split) - 50 ft. x 1/2 in.

Article number: BMWC50
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If you frequently switch up your batch sizes when brewing at home, this immersion chiller with a 5/10 split is the perfect chiller for your setup. It is made up of 50 feet of high quality copper tubing tightly coiled to about 10 inches in diameter, and it has a nice split in the middle so that you can use it for just about any size batch.

The immersion chiller’s tubing measures ½ inch diameter, and because it is made of copper, it will chill your wort much faster than other types of tubing. There are connection fittings for garden hoses on either end of the tubing, as well as a 24-inch bend in the piping at the top to fit over the lip of the brew kettle. If you already have a brew kettle in which you brew 5- to 10-gallon batches of beer, this immersion chiller is a great addition to your setup. 

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