G03 Dieter- Imperial Yeast

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Dieter is Imperial Organic Yeast's main Kolsch strain. Compared with Kolsch strains from other yeast producers, Dieter is fairly flocculant, capable of settling out and creating bright beers in a shorter amount of time. Fermentation tends to be clean, producing very low levels of esters. This makes it perfect for Kolsch and Altbier, as well as other light German ales where malt flavor and aroma is desired. Clean and crisp, try it the next time you make a light German ale!

Temperature Range:60-69 FFlocculation:MediumCell Count:200 BillionAttenuation:73-77%Typical Styles:Berliner Weiss, Biere de Garde, Dusseldorf Altbier, Kolsch, Northern German Altbier.

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