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Briess caramel malts are produced in a roaster rather than a kiln. This allows for the application of higher temperatures to the green malt, resulting in the development of unique flavors, colors, and aromas. This light caramel malt produces golden hues, and has a mellow, candy-like sweetness and a mild toffee flavor. It will contribute more flavor than a carapils, but not as much as darker caramel malts. Use 3-15% for enhanced body and foam stability with a mild color and flavor contribution. 20°L

Flavor & Color Contributions:

  • Malt Style: Caramel Malt (Roasted)
  • Flavor: Candy-like sweetness, mild caramel
  • Color: Contributes golden hues
Extract Percentage




Moisture Percentage


Grain Usage

Up to 15% depending on style.

Grain Type Caramel / Crystal / Cara Malt
Malt Color Medium-Light (15-60° L)
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