Yeast Starter Kit (Starter Yeast) - 2000 mL

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Yeast starters offer higher cell counts at the time the yeast is pitched, leading to faster, healthier fermentations and better tasting beer!
You may be wondering how to make a yeast starter.  Well, lucky for you this kit contains everything you need for making your own yeast starter right out of the box, including step-by-step instructions!
This is the most common size used to make yeast starters using liquid yeast, great for higher alcohol beer and cold fermented lagers.
In the lab world, these flasks are known as "Student Grade," meaning there may be some cosmetic flaws in the glass, and the volume measurements are approximate due to variations in the thickness of the glass walls of the flask. This makes it a great flask for making yeast starters--at a great price!
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